Immigration, Abortion, Terrorism, and Vegetarianism

Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: October 16, 2014
Asking the Right Questions
Chapter 5
Issue: Should the United States government reduce immigration into the country? Conclusion: Yes, they should.
1. The United States is already overpopulated.
2. Immigrants endanger the American culture.
Throughout passage three, it was apparent that there were different words and phrases that had alternative meanings. Such phrases could change the amount to which the United States needs to reduce immigration. A phrase stating that the government needs to drastically reduce immigration to the United States advocates many different meanings. What does drastically reduce imply? Is it thousands? Millions? This part of the topic is presumably unclear. Furthermore, we are confident that the United States is not only overpopulated but are suffering other consequences such as high unemployment and serious water pollution. In this section, there are many words that have obscure and unclear meanings. What is ‘overpopulation’ for a country? How are Americans suffering from the consequences? It is also undefined the seriousness of the water pollution. Are there dangerous toxins in the water? Is it filled with garbage and sewage? In conclusion, there are many words and phrases in the author’s article that need clarifying. Chapter 6

Conclusion: Women should have the right to have an abortion if they desire to.

1. Women should have the right for personal and health reasons. 2. Women should have control over what happens to her body.
What links the reasons to the conclusion is positivity placed on the motives behind why women should have the right to get an abortion if they desire to. A prescriptive assumption is made, stating how the world should be. A missing link within the article that this author has written is religion’s impact on abortion. Many religions believe that abortion is gravely contrary to the moral law. In general, it’s not one’s actual government law that prohibits abortion, rather than...
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