Topics: Immigration to the United States, Immigration, Illegal immigration Pages: 6 (1581 words) Published: May 14, 2014
Ana Lopez
Dr. Alexis Poe Davis
English 111

The Time is Now
The immigration is really coming down ha on undocumented immigrants. After many years of immigrants crossing the border, now the immigration wants to do something to stop it. After theses immigrants have been here in our country and have adapted to our life styles, the congress wants to cut off all off the resources instead of helping the immigrants. The state legislators and the congress take away jobs and licenses from immigrants enabling them to live. Studies have shown that this plane had back fired, because even though resources have been cut down there has been a tremendouse increase of immigrants still to this day crossing the border. In the year 2008 Obama was elected president. Obama promised to help illegal immigrants have the opportunity to stay in the United States . Analyzing this article “Immigration debate” by Nathaniel Parish Flannery there are two different and reasonable sides to this story. The reason to this debatable issue is because of the simple fact that the Republican Party and the Democrat Part cannot decide wither to boost border control or to protect the immigrant workers. It is simply east to say just do them both but is not that easy said as done. Both of the projects require lots of tax dollars spent, but as Laura Allen that was interviewed in the Forbes article said all of us citizens would like to see our tax money spent differently. Allen said “I can very easily show you when people walk around the fence to get here, so why did we spend all that money?” It was said that the federal government gave 2.4 billion dollars for building the 670 miles of pedestrian and vehicular fences. It cost 15.1 million dollars per mile.

All of this talk about the Republican Party being against the immigration reform is not true at all. As stated in the “Immigration Debate” article since 1970 the number of illegal immigrants in the United States have went from fewer than one million people to more than 14 million people. Also the Republican Party thinks that it is more important to secure our borders than to protect immigrant workers. In the past years there has been a lot of violence in Mexico and in Central America that are mostly relate to illegal drugs. The fear of legal drugs an illegal immigrants crossing the border and making their way in to country with the huge fence build across the board and advance border patrol can be a little intimidating. We do want safety for our citizens that live on the border. U.S Congressman Pete Gallego, Said “Those of us who live along the border want to be just as safe and secure in our beds as anyone else does, but we want a solution that works. We don’t want a political solution, we want a practical solution.” By this statement it is obvious that even the Republican Party knows that this is not the best decision to spend money on more border protection when the first idea they had did not work. Now on the other hand the Democrat Party is saying look at all of the advantages the illegal immigrants have brought to the United States. Make a list of Pro’s and Con’s and evidently there are more Pros’. Yes, there has been many illegal immigrants caught crossing the border with illegal drugs, but illegal immigrants are not the only race in the United States trafficking drugs. Yes, some of Mexico’s states are really dangerous because of illegal drugs, but as Laura Allen said “When was the last time we had to shut down or bridge because violence spilled over from Mexico. It’s not happening.” Mexico is not fighting with the United States, the problem is in Mexico and the U.S is not involved. Many of the illegal immigrants are here to work and not only to do cartel trafficking. If you would ask every single illegal immigrant why did they risk their lives crossing the border to come to the United States? They will answer to find an opportunity, to work, for the future of my family, for the future...

Cited: Flannery, Nathaniel Parish. “Immigration Debate: What’s More Important, Border Security or
Protecting Immigrant Workers?” Immigration debate, 9, September. 2013, web. 4, March. 2014
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