Topics: Immigration to the United States, United States, Immigration Pages: 3 (906 words) Published: April 11, 2014
Andriy, Onysko
Mrs. Broun
English 1020
Immigration My great-grandfather told me once, “When I was still young, in my peak years of 20s, everything I needed to go to the America is to know how to read.” He did know how to read very well, but he was a wealthy young man and had no reasons to leave the Ukraine. At that time, like today, the biggest two reasons people are migrating to the United States is because of the poor standard of living and religious pressure of the government. Unfortunately, in most cases; religion was just another excuse to come to this great country. The United States is based on immigrants and those people influence a great deal on the economy and development of the country itself. Most people don't know the percentage of legal and illegal immigrants. The number is always changing, but it is larger than ever before. The higher standard of living in the USA is what drives many immigrants, yet, this country is the best. We always see on television illegal immigrants who are trying to cross the boarders between United States and Mexico. The US does send some illegal people back. However, this country benefits from illegal immigrant because businesses pay them the lowest wages that American citizens would not work for. At the end of the year, the taxes we usually get back from the government, well, illegal immigrants don’t get them. Also, factors like vocation and insurance do not exist for illegal refugees. For the past couple years, China has been on the rise as a great economy, and the reason is cheap labor. In the United States, illegal immigrants create cheap labor so our products somewhat can compete with importing and exporting products with other countries and set low prices of products in a country itself. This difference of people gives our government and business leaders a better understanding of what other cultures are about. Understanding other cultures...
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