Topics: United States, Immigration to the United States, Economy of the United States Pages: 3 (1066 words) Published: May 14, 2013
The positive side of Immigrations
Many people from all over the world move to America and this number of immigrants in the America has steadily grown. Shockingly, “the number of immigrants living in U.S. increased by 2.4 million” (A Nation of Immigrants). They are moving to United State because of the amenities that it has. They leave everything behind for that “American dream”. Those dreamers come to America looking for new opportunities, freedom, better lifestyles, etc. They are looking for the things that they didn’t have in their countries, so they come here to get more opportunities and be successful. According to John B. Judis, The author “Border War” “Mexicans and other Latinos are willing to pay the coyotes, because they hope to find well-paying jobs in the United States.” They are looking for better job and opportunities to make a comfortable life for their families. Although some people argue that immigrants are destroying our society and have many disadvantages for U.S., in fact they help United State to grow economically, educationally, culturally, and keeps America progressing, so we need to attract more immigrants to our land to make America more powerful. One of the most important advantages of the immigrants is that they help our economy. Many Americans complain that immigrants take their jobs. However, what they do not realize that the jobs immigrants take are the job most Americans in do not take. “[…] enter the underworld of undocumented migrants: working on farms, as day-laborers in construction, as servants and maids, or in sweatshops and meatpacking plants” (John B. Judis). Immigrants, especially illegal immigrants, are doing the hardest works in America that keeps America progressing. Moreover, Immigrants will help the United States economy with opening bank accounts, buying homes, and starting businesses, further stimulating the U.S. economy. For the result, immigrants can impact the economy in a positive way. Immigrants start...
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