Immigrant Newcast/Interview

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Reporter: R & J
Husband: R
Interviewer: I

J: Good Afternoon, Venezuelan’s. I’m your host Haley.
R: And I’m Gabrielle. We welcome you to VBC News. Today we will be giving you info about immigration to Canada. J: There are many reasons why people want to immigrate to Canada but today we will look further into the story of Mr. Manjarres and our interviewer Tori will provide you with more information Tori….


Interviewer: Good Afternoon Haley, today I’m with Stanley Manjarres who has his own immigration story.

Camera turns

Interviewer: Hello Stanley how are you?

Stanley: I’m good thank you

Interviewer: So tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do for a leaving.

Stanley. I’m from Venezuela and I’m an engineer. I have a wife also 3 lovely daughters who’ve always supported me. I also came to Canada by myself so without any of my family members came with me or were here before.

Interviewer: So why is that you wanted to make a living in Canada?

S: Well, there are a lot of things actually like more professional job opportunities, high security standards, and a society with solid values. I also really enjoy the fact that you can have your family right beside you the whole time.

I: So what is it about the family thing you like but didn’t you come to Canada by yourself first?

S: For me, it was important to come to Canada on my own and prepare for my family to join me. It was lonely to be without them during that time, but it helped that I met many amazing people, including many newcomers like me. Having a supportive family is essential when making such a big move. Our transition has been successful in large part because of the support of my wife and my daughters. Their support and their happiness mean everything to me. I: So how did you first apply for immigration? Did you come as an economic immigrant, refugee or…

S: Well actually I came as an Economic Immigrate as a skilled worker by being an...
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