Immigrant Family

Topics: Immigration, Immigration to the United States, Illegal immigration Pages: 3 (429 words) Published: November 11, 2014

Rony Augustin
Social Work 323
Prof: Dr. Eda Hastick

In class discussion, we had discussed many events that affected human being .We were focused on Immigrant Family in the United States because, immigrants helped make this Country as good as it is by changing Law and regulations to make America a better place, clean environment to live and work. In reading the Heartache of An Immigrant Family wrote by Sonia Nazaro, NEW YORK TIMES Tuesday, October 15, 2013; considering the experience of the Honduras family Lourdes Pineda, a single mother of two children, she sold convenience food like tortillas, plantains and used cloths door to door, but barely earned enough to feed her children, she sacrifices herself, decided to emigrates to United Stated in order to provide immediate care to the children. People all over the world flee their native origin for a decent living, some used to have a quiet living in their Native Country but, coming to paradise, The United States, what they see are deception, and humiliation. This is the story of many families who emigrated to change their live, mostly economically, unfortunately, living illegally without green card, at a time where the policy in immigration is tough, people high themselves not to get arrested by police. At this period of time. Thus, a lot immigrant been arrested and deported; Henrique was one of them, for not paying a ticket. Be an immigrant, analyzing the story of Lourdes‘s family we can see that living as illegal immigrant need a lot of courage in dealing with psychological torments enable someone to grow as human being. Decade ago, during the United Status’s history, we see laws were passed by States legislatures addressing illegal immigration; people being screen arrested, and deported. Immigration offers a huge benefits to family back home, like send money home so their children can eat and go to school. Also strengthening the rest of the...
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