Immersive Multimedia

Topics: Virtual reality, Surgery, Simulated reality Pages: 3 (720 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Virtual Chemistry Lab
* Formula D Interactive recently developed a Virtual Chemistry Lab, as a safe, low cost alternative to the standard chemistry laboratory in schools. The heart of the system is a so called object recognition table. * The interactive platform consists of a 50″ High Definition rear projected screen prepped with lots of computing power. Sophisticated pattern recognition technology allows users to navigate content information by placing physical cards onto the table’s glass surface. * The circular cards are held in 2 containers, one on each side of the table. Each card represents a specific substance or tool, just like the objects and materials you would find in a real chemistry lab. Once a card has been placed on the table, a menu appears around the card. Users can then turn the cards to further specify the desired function * e.g. one can turn up the heat of the Bunsen burner. * When placing different substances together, reactions take place. But no worries: no fingers will be burned in Formula D’s Virtual Chemistry Lab. * Still, the application warns learners about potentially dangerous actions, and makes sure that they are aware of the safety gear required to conduct the experiments.

* The SimSpray™ training system accelerates the learning of fundamental spray painting skills. * SimSpray produces a realistic experience in which students reproduce the body positioning and muscle and joint movements required to create the ideal mil thickness on a finished piece.  * During traditional training, students need to select, move, and mount a part before they practice painting. With SimSpray, students' hands-on practice time significantly increases since a few taps on a touch screen monitor are all that’s required to begin another practice session.  * When coupled with professional instruction, the ability to continually repeat tasks enables students using SimSpray to become more proficient...
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