Immanuel Kant Essay

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Immanuel Kant Essay
Business Ethics

Immanuel Kant constantly stressed that we have a sense of duty that follows a law like characteristic, and in turn we are all autonomy individuals. We as human beings are self- law giving, and constantly seek to harmonize our realm of ends. Our realm of ends allows us to follow a universal law which will lead us to bettering each other through rational actions. However, rationality is decided through our reason, and our reason is to create happiness in the end. Many businesses these days have autonomic power and some exercise these powers to reach a realm of ends, but some do not. Firms like those on Wall Street made irrational decisions through their autonomic powers, which lead our economic into a spiraling recession. Although there are some organizations who fight for our realm of ends, and organizations like the Red Campaign show us this every day.

Kant speaks of the realm of ends as a final end, that we as humans should try to produce. The realm of ends is a product of our actions in everyday life. The decisions made by individuals all contribute to the realm of ends Kant speaks of. Human beings act on universal maxims that meet everyone else’s standards. In response to this action, humans then respect one another as rational beings. The big thing with the realm of ends, is that it promotes a universal goal to achieve “good” and happiness. The goal is for everyone to model off of each other by acting rationally to achieve the goal of doing good. Kant says, “Yet enjoying uninterrupted prosperity can never give pleasure to a rational impartial observer. Thus the good will seems to constitute the indispensible condition even of worthiness to be happy.” This shows that we as humans will always strive to be happy, but it should be done through rationality. Our reason behind our actions should be to provoke improvements around us. The realm of ends, is like a domino effect, when one acts as a rational agent, then...
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