Imitation of Life

Topics: Black people, White people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 1 (357 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Imitation of Life is an interracial film between a black woman (Delilah) and white woman (Bea). I think the whole film try to express a new idea to the audience, black people are equal with the white people, they can work together, live together, and even they can open a business and corporate successful. But even though the director tries to make the imitation nicely, it still have the big interracial problem from the film beginning through the end. For my view, I think the whole film potentially still try to express an idea, whether the society try to make the black the whites equally, the white people still have a higher position than black people. And for the white people, if they have any relationship with the black people, they will feel inferiority. In this film, I think Delilah is more successful than Bea, because their business’s wealth is from Delilah’s cooking skill, Bea just have broad mind to expand it. Even though director put Delilah as a maid, and Bea as a host, I think the main reason is most of the people think black people have lower situation than the whites, is not because of the education background. The skin color is really important to distribute their social situation, that’s why in this film Bea has to be the host and Delilah has to be the maid. In the film, Delilah massage Bea’s feet several times, that makes audience think Delilah is very valuable about she and Bea’s relationship. She is very clearly to know their relationship at their home. Even though Bea is really nice and takes care of her and her daughter Peola, but she knows everything she got now that is Bea give it to her. She should and has to be nice and loyalty to Bea. So Delilah would like to be Bea’s maid and take care of her. Another reason is Delilah did everything actually is for her daughter. Delilah loves her daughter so much; she came to Bea’s house to be a maid is because daughter to have a place can live. So Delilah is very nice...
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