Imitation Essay

Topics: Text messaging, Philippines, SMS Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: August 18, 2010
I am not a singer or a dancer. I cannot break it down on the dance floor or sing a sweet melody. I am not one who can feel the rhythm of the music and move my body in sync with it. I cannot entice someone with the power of my voice.

I am a texter. And by that definition, I am someone who has always loved communicating without speech. I can send a 160 character text message in 15 seconds or less. I can communicate all my thoughts and feelings through emoticons (smiley faces) and tlas (three letter acronyms.) I spend a great time thinking about what acronyms I can use. Does this make since with that? How can I communicate with people faster? The way texting can create an emotion, a visual image, or create a complex fraise into four short letters. Texting is the tool of my trade.

Recently I was made keenly aware of the different ways I communicate texting. I was talking to my mom when I discovered this, and observed that I was texting my mom completely different from the way I was texting my girlfriend. And I was texting my girlfriend completely different then how I was texting my friends. When I was texting my mom I was saying things like, “I don’t know. I’ll ask my teacher about it tomorrow at school,” and “I will call you when we are coming back home”-a text filled with grammatical correct writing and the forms of the English language that you are supposed t o use in an English classroom. Breaking down fraises was not a part of how I texted my mother.

Just, today I observed how I text my girlfriend and I again found my differentiating of my texting. I found myself saying, “dats koo Iw2g :-P” (that’s cool. I want to go.) My girlfriend did not see any change in my text message. And then I realized that this was because I often used the same kind of language with her, and sometimes she uses it with me. It has become a different kind of language that kind of language that relates to family talk.

When I text my friends I have to use only the common tlas that...
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