Imc Strategy Bonds

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IMC Strategy

Name: Wenzhi Huang
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1.0 Message Review1
1.1 Current Message Strategy1
1.2 Message Effectiveness1
1.3 Proposed Message Strategy Adjustment2
2.0 Channel Review3
2.1 Channel Integration Grid3
2.2 Channel Effectiveness Critique4
2.3 Proposed Improvements4
3.0 Target Market5
3.1 Geographic Segmentation5
3.2 Demographic Segmentation5
3.3 Psychographic Segmentation5
3.4 Behavioral Segmentation5
3.5 Benefit Segmentation5
3.6 Target Market Description Statement6
4.0 Competitor Profile7
4.1 Competitive Framework7
4.2 Competitor Analysis- Offering & Communication7
4.3 Competitive Advantage8
5.0 Campaign Development9
5.1 Competitive Consumer Benefit Statement9
5.2 Message Strategy Statement9
5.3 Message Strategy Approach10
6.0 Media Strategy and Testing11
6.1 Company Contacts11
6.2 Consumer Contacts11
6.3 Intrinsic Contacts11
6.4 Unexpected Contacts11
6.5 Media Scheduling and Justification12

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1.0 Message Review
1.1 Current Message Strategy
* One-way (Push) Communication Approach
Brand and product information is delivered to consumers by planned message (Belch, 2009). One-way communication approach is one of the methods for Bonds to deliver message to consumers. Recently, Bonds launched its Bra Tank TV ads and employed emotion appeal to attract potential consumers (Bonds official channel, 2011), provided product information on its official website (Bonds, 2011). Print ads also being displayed at CBD, railway and bus station (Appendix 1.1). * Two-way (Pull) Communication Approach

Two-communication approach is employed by Bonds to interact with consumers. The product and company information on Bonds’ Facebook pages is more abundance and precise than its official website (Bonds Facebook Page, 2011). What’s more, the Bra Tank section on its Facebook page implemented interactive technology to show the product’s “technical” features (Appendix 1.2). * Brand Taglines and Visibility of the Messages

Instead of having a congruent tagline for the brand, Bonds develops different taglines for different products lines. Following example is the tagline in current promotion: Products| Tagline|
Bra Tank| Feel free, feel support|
Bonds’ communication messages have a high level of visibility. The main channels for the advertising are TV commercials, billboards, Internet advertising, in-store advertising. 1.2 Message Effectiveness

The objective on this campaign is to make every girl to acquire one for their wardrobes (Cooper, 2011). Since the campaign has launched on February, it has already generated around 500 thousands following on Facebook (Bonds Facebook page, 2011), 24% of which is youth audience (Cooper, 2011). However, there is some unplanned message on the social website in which negative comments occurred (Campaign Palace, 2011). 1.3 Proposed Message Strategy Adjustment

However, in TV advertising campaigns, Bonds emphasized too much on emotion appeal. However, rational appeals should be used which can emphasize more on product benefits that satisfy their needs (Belch, 2009).

2.0 Channel Review
2.1 Channel Integration Grid

Factors of Integration| TV| Print| Internet| Direct Mail| Packaging| Logo| | | | | |
| Logo is integrated well across all elements which is easy to identify.| Tagline| | | | | |
| Tagline is not integrity well in print ads, direct mail and packaging. There are always has different taglines in direct mail which confuses consumer.| Corporate
Colours| | | | | |
| Corporate colours black and white are integrated well through the elements. | Message
Strategy| | | | | |
| Message strategy was coordinate across the majority of elements except for direct mail (slight different) and package (no information at all). | Multiple
Audiences| | | |...
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