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B&B Agency

The “Gentleman” Campaign

Introduction to B&B Agency

Company Overview

// B&B Agency is a full service agency,

including planning, creating, producing,

performing market research, and selecting

// B&B Agency is one of the top ad agencies in
the industry, focusing on the power of
creativity and how it can transform human
behavior. By using the power of creativity, B&B
creates a brand’s purpose that will transform
the way people think, feel or act.

Key Personnel

// Creative Director
/ Art Director
/ Copywriter

// Account Executive
/ Account Manager

// Media Planner
// Executive Producer
// Market Researcher


// Some of B&B’s clients include McDonald’s,
Coca Cola, Intel, GM, Allstate, Lenovo, Miller
Coors, and NCAA (“Leo burnett: Our,” 2014).

Old Spice Background

Situational Analysis

Company Background

// Old Spice falls under the Procter & Gamble
Company. The Procter & Gamble Company ranks
#28 in the Fortune 500 and its top three competitors
are Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly-Clark Corporation,
and Unilever.

// Procter & Gamble is the world’s largest consumer
packaged goods manufacturer; some of the Procter
& Gamble brands include Bounty, Charmin, Crest,
Duracell, Gillette, Olay, Old Spice, Pampers,
Pantene, Tide and Wella.

// Old Spice is an American brand of Procter &
Gamble that produces male grooming products,
including deodorant, body washes, hair grooming
products, and body sprays in various Old Spice
scents (“The procter &,” 31).

Industry Overview

// The “global male grooming products industry is
expected to generate more than $33B in revenue by
2015, according to new report by Global industry
Analysts, Inc.” (“Captured market research,” 2012).

// The booming industry is due to an increased level
of interest in physical appearance, fueled by male
role models like athletes and celebrities (“Captured
market research,” 2012).

Old Spice Background

Market Trends & Characteristics

// According to a study, economic pressures is the

culprit in the growing interest of better grooming hab

its by males.

/ Not only do younger men feel pressured to

look groomed, but older men must also remain

competitive and also feel pressured to look

well-groomed in the workplace.

/ “Grooming is no longer indulging, it’s

responsible” (“Captured market research,”

// The growing interest in physical appearance is
fueling innovation in companies who are now
introducing a wider range of products in categories
like hair care, skin care, bath and shower products.

Current position of Old Spice

Brand essence, brand personality and image

// Old Spice is uniquely humorous. The brand

personality personifies a young male, either a student

or a young professional, who has peaked interest in

male grooming, but little to no experience with male

grooming products.

// Old Spice takes an over-the-top outlook on an

overly groomed male (think Ron Burgundy) and

pokes fun at it, all the while making their products

// Old Spice’s brand personality is humorous and

quirky, young and fun.

Competitive advantage & brand positioning

// Old Spice has an advantage over its competitors
because it has reached its audience using quirky
humor not only through its commercials but also
through social media, such as their YouTube
miniseries, where they responded to various
questions consumers had delivered through social
media outlets.
// Old Spice positions its brand by using these
incredibly creative and unique ad...
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