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2. Introduction
Unicorn foods is a well known name in food industry of Pakistan, they are successfully operating in the industry for the past ten years. Their product range consists of items like canned food, frozen vegetables and ready to eat foods. We didn’t set out to become the nation’s leading natural frozen food brand. All we wanted to do was create a business that would allow us to earn a living by providing convenient and tasty natural meals for people like ourselves, who appreciated good food, but were often too busy to cook. Unicorn is going to launch a new product and brand of instant noodles in Pakistan and company has hired us to make an IMC plan for their brand of instant noodles. As Unicorn did not have a great brand name in the market but people know them because they are in the industry for the past ten years but not as much as other brands in the industry like Knorr of UNESTLE PAKISTANEVER and Maggi of NESTLE. We suggest them to have a new brand name. If instant noodles brand have a success in market then they have a new brand for their company and this brand will be helpful for the success of other brands of the organization. We have to prepare an IMC plan for the Instant noodles and we have the budget of 20 million rupees for our plan. “IMC plan is a management concept that is designed to make all aspects of marketing communication such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing work together as a unified force, rather than permitting each to work in isolation”. We have a brand name for instant noodles of Unicorn foods which is NOODIES. This brand name is simple and easy to recognize. NOODIES will be available in market in different variety of taste.

3. Situation Analysis
A situational analysis often is called the foundation of a marketing plan. A situational analysis includes a thorough examination of internal and external factors affecting a business. It creates an overview of the organization that will lead to a better understanding of the factors that will influence its future. Factors which are involved in situational analysis are; 3.1 Company Analysis

3.2 Competitor Analysis
3.3 Consumer Analysis
3.4 Market Analysis
3.5 Opportunity Analysis
3.6 Target Market Analysis
3.7 Product Analysis

3.1 Company Analysis
In company analysis we will do the SWOT analysis of our company and brand NOODIES which is new in market. Strengths
* Established brand name of Unicorn in food industry
* Presence of other product segment of food brands in market * Experience of ten years in food industry
* Variety in taste of NOODIES
* New brand name for noodles
* Less time consuming
* Limited distribution network
* Less awareness of brand name as compare to others
* New brand in the market
* Growing market of instant food items
* Changing in taste of younger generation of Pakistan
* Increased disposable income in Pakistan in last decade
* Substitute for junk food
* Awareness of healthy packaged food is increasing day by day. * Consumer awareness of product is more in both urban and rural areas

* Highly established brands like knorr and maggi noodles in market * Entry barrier are low in the industry
* New brand name and product
* Foreign brands are coming rapidly in Pakistan now other than knorr and maggi Heinz Sauce * Substitutes in market
* Economic and Political conditions of Pakistan

3.2 Competitor Analysis
Strategic technique used to evaluate outside...
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