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The Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign
of McDonald’s Restaurants (Hong Kong) Limited

LAU Wing-yan

A Project
in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements
for the Degree of
Master of Arts in Communication

Supervisor: Dr. Chen Ni

School of Communication
Hong Kong Baptist University

Hong Kong
July 2006

McDonald’s Restaurants (Hong Kong) Limited

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Chen Ni for her advice and support throughout the process of doing this project. It is really my honor and pleasure to have Dr. Chen to be my supervisor. During the preparation of this project, Dr. Chen has given me so many constructive ideas on how to develop the whole campaign and improvements to be made making my project a better one. I enjoy every single moment with her during consultation in the past few precious months. On the other hand, I am also very grateful to my family and friends for their continuous support, encouragement and sharing. I would like to thank them for supporting me to be tough in facing all big challenges of this project. All research described in this project was my own original work and was carried out by myself under the supervision of Dr. Chen Ni.

(LAU Wing-yan)
M.A. in Communication
School of Communication
Hong Kong Baptist University
Date: 3 July 2006


McDonald’s Restaurants (Hong Kong) Limited

The Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign
of McDonald’s Restaurants (Hong Kong) Limited


Executive summary

‘Fresh Choices Menu’ of McDonald’s Restaurants (Hong Kong) Limited was firstly launched in 2004, however, the campaign failed to build up a healthy fast food provider image to McDonald’s, and of public’s perception McDonald’s is still a junk food restaurant. In an attempt to change the public perceptions, and to build up a healthier public image to McDonald’s, an IMC campaign is designed. It is a one-year campaign, before the start of the activities was the author’s research conducted in May, and will be followed by the campaign planning until December 2006. The campaign activities will take place in 2007 through the year until its evaluation in January 2008. With the theme “To Refresh your New Healthy Life at McDonald’s”, the campaign activities will focus on a PR event (a 5-day tour to Australia farmlands), of which the promotional works will be supported by tactics of public relations (an after-the-tour TV program), sales promotion (the lucky draw and the writing competition), advertising (TVC, outdoor and print ads), direct marketing (promotions at POPs), internet marketing ( and personal selling (McDonald’s Ambassadors).


McDonald’s Restaurants (Hong Kong) Limited
The author has designed a research which has taken place from May to June 2006. It analyzed the situations of the company, the consumers, the product and the market, and so to design sets of appropriate campaign strategies. In regard to the research results, the households with a monthly income of HK$15,000 - $25,000 and with at least one child aged below 18 have been identified as the target audience in our campaign.

A posttest evaluation will carry out in August through December 2007 to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. It will measure the campaign effects, the public perceptions and recognitions to McDonald’s. The information will provide benchmarks for future campaigns to develop.


McDonald’s Restaurants (Hong Kong) Limited
Table of Contents

Acknowledgement page



Executive summary



Situation analysis

5 - 33

Company analysis


Consumer analysis

8 - 13

Market analysis

14 - 17

Product analysis

18 - 21

Competitive analysis

22 - 28

SWOT analysis

29 – 33


Problem and opportunity statements



Campaign theme, goal and objective



Target audience profiles

36 - 37


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