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Introduction & Scenario We have been given an assignment about Aer Lingus. Our task is to develop an integrated marketing communication campaign for Aer Lingus. The assignment should focus to deliver the following Objectives: “To revitalize the declining Aer Lingus brand in order to increase airline travel in the Irish market” Following Question shell been answer;

Segmentation, targeting and positioning Strategy to be defined for the IMC Campaign. Advertising must be chosen with two other promotional tools. Contemporary and Traditional promotional tools that you will use to achieve this objective and the rationale behind selecting these tools. You must discuss the relationship of the promotional tools selected to the hierarchy of Effects model. The media vehicles that you would select to effectively influence your target market. Linking Marketing Communication Tools to Response stages. When we chose our segment and target groups we tried to exploit Aer Lingus real position at the airline market. Aer Lingus position at the moment is between, low fare company Ryanair and BMI, SAS (Hoovers, 2010). Younger people and students nearly almost chose Ryan Air because of the low price. In the last couple of years it has been showed that the competition from Ryanair is too tough for Aer Lingus. Aer Lingus Group Plc will stop trying to undercut larger Irish rival Ryanair Holdings Plc and offer enhancements including better food and faster check-in times to customers willing to pay more, according Rothwell & Fahy, 2010. Then you have the older people, who have more money. For the most they choose airlines that can offer them even better standards and services. They may also have families and choose different alternatives. That’s why we chose two target groups between 24-35 years. They work, have an income and come from the same generation. They fit into Aer Lingus concept to offer very good service at a smart price, according The Post, 2007. Our goals with the campaign will be:

Our campaign is more about to establish Aer Lingus as a brand and to show the benefits derived from their products. To make people think and feel about the company in a good way. In a long term view we think that these measures will increase all areas of Aer Lingus business. 1.2 Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus was founded by the Irish government in April 1936. They are the second biggest Airline Company in Ireland after their main competitors Ryan Air. The headquarter is based in Dublin Airport and they are serving Europe, Northern Africa and North America. Aer Lingus is a Low Fare Airline company, but according to themselves, they offer better service and more comfortable travelling. Their main competitors besides Ryan Air are BMI, Easy Jet and City Jet. The last two are also Low Fare Airline Companies (Aer Lingus limited. 2001-2009).

Question 1 2.1 Segmentation and Target Group
“_Marketing segmentation and the identification of a target group is a very important step in a business opportunity analysis. With the tough competition that exists today, business cannot reach everyone. A more focused and audience- centered approach is necessary. A market can be segmented in many ways, and the segmentation will change when costumers reason for purchase change”. (Wright, R. 2000). _ According to us, Aer Lingus most central issue today is that they are relatively unknown at the market. They need to separate from the other airlines and focus on their own segment and target group and communicate right to them. People do not know what the company stand for today. Aer Lingus business concept is to offer cheep flights but still keep good standard and service. Aer Lingus is not a very well- established brand today and the industry for flight is broad. That`s why we have chosen a broad segment; people in the age 24-35. They are working and have a...

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