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This following paper outline an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) plan for Subway restaurants. The plan will discuss the promotion of Subways’ 50th anniversary of operation. Advertising and internet marketing strategies will be used to raise awareness towards the target market of health conscience adults from the age 18 - 32.
Subway is the second largest franchise quick-service restaurant globally, aside by Mcdonalds. It offers a while selection of submarine sandwiches, soups, salad and cookies. The concept of this chain was originated by Fred DeLuca, a young entrepreneur who started the business to pay for tuition in pursuing his doctoral degree. DeLuca and his partner Dr.Peter Buck opened their first Subway in 1965. With the passion of promoting healthy fast food, the company opened their first franchise store in 1974 and expand to over 43,500 store globally as of today. Subway is known and promotes the freshness of its products and the wide personal customization available for the sandwich.(Subway History 2009, Subway Studentguide)
Adults male and female between the age of 18 - 32 were chosen as the target audience for this report. This age group consist students in university and college, graduates, young professionals and the working class. This sector of audience are known have a higher spending to seek convenience and are more health conscience with the choice of fast food they are to purchase.
Through the selection of target audience, the promotional mix tools, including advertising, sales promotion, internet marketing, public relations, and direct marketing are examined to find the best suitable tool for this Subway promotion. After the analyzation, the promotion mix tool chosen were advertising and internet marketing. With a budget of $3 million, advertisment of printed ads, commercials, Subway cards, and social media outlets are chosen for this specific campaign.
The campaign theme developed, “One For the Shed”, is a

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