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Topics: Great Plains, Cheyenne, Plains Indians Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: May 5, 2013
How did the Plains Indians solve the problems of living on the Plains?

The first three lessons of this unit will lead up to an assessment which will look at your ability to select and combine information from different sources and to structure and organise this information in your work. You will be working in a group and individually to find out about the lives of the Plains Indians. The Great Plains were a hostile environment to live in and as a result the Plains Indians had to solve many problems in order to survive in this environment.

• The land was very dry so crops did not grow easily. How did the Plains Indians feed themselves? How did they dress themselves? • There were great extremes of temperature, with scorching summers, freezing winters and strong winds. How did the Plains Indians deal with this? • There were few trees, so there was little wood to construct things. What type of home did the Indians live in? • The Indians had to follow the buffalo so were nomadic. How did they modify their lives to accommodate this? Think about the old and ill. Housing… • A lot of men died in battle or fighting. How did the Plains Indians ensure their women were looked after? What other aspects of family life helped them to cope with the hostile environment?

You are going to work in groups to find out in detail the problems faced by the Plains Indians and their solutions. You will need to make clear and detailed notes as a mind map.

You will be able to find some information in your textbook and next lesson you will be using the Library to add to this.

You will write up your work individually. You will be producing an article for the Young Post explaining to readers how the Plains Indians solved the problems of living on the Plains. This should be no more than 2 sides of A 4 and it will be marked using the following mark scheme:

|For a D grade you will be able to briefly describe the problems of living on the Plains and describe some...
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