Imapct of Colonialism on Africa

Topics: Colonialism, Africa, British Empire Pages: 3 (900 words) Published: March 27, 2011

In this view of the circumstances that existed during history in regards to colonial Africa. I venture to examine how colonialism is viewed, introducing you to a variety of texts which expose you to different views and debates about what Africa may well have been like today, had the colonization never taken place. The African resistance to colonialism put another perspective on the colonization of Africa by the Europeans and the Western influence Africa faced. Each work shows a different facet of the complex experience of colonized peoples and how European domination served to radically alter their lives, both during the era of colonialism and for generations to come. Several areas of the world are referred to as "big emerging markets," of which Africa is one. European nations have largely lost interest in Africa. Some believe that the US too could lose interest with the difficulties presented by areas of poor land and unskilled people. But already, Africa is far less dependent on Europe. Slavery and colonialism were identified as two debilitating blows that impeded the growth of civil society in Africa. It was argued that both suppressed human dignity, freedom and the exercise of democratic rights and principles. Post-independent leaders in Africa operated the post-colonial African state in the image of their colonial progenitors. Consequently, the political elite who captured the state exercised governmental powers in ways that denied people basic rights to freedom. Colonization has cost Africa dearly. The long and demoralizing suppression of Africans under repressive systems, has left a hopeless effect on the mindsets of Africans. In time I think Africans will realize what has been done to them. As some African youth study abroad and return with ideas and realizations I think more and more people will understand what concealed suppression has been exacted upon them and they will correct it. Maybe this is some conspiracy or...
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