Imagine That You Must Negotiate a Contract with an Organisation That Is in a Country Other Than Your Own. Choose Any Country Other Than Your Native Country and Then Answer the Following Questions: Identify the

Topics: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Arabian Peninsula Pages: 3 (1012 words) Published: January 31, 2012
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is a Middle Eastern conservative country with age-old traditions and belief systems that are derived from the Arab culture. The country has a prevailing monarchy that is rich in Arab and Islamic heritage and a characteristic homogeneity in culture (Anon, n.d). It occupies most of the Arabian Peninsula and it shares boundaries with Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Yemen and the Red Sea (Wikipedia). The introduction and acceptance of Islam as a major religion is seen to be a driving force in its conservatory approach. This cultural system predominant in KSA cut into various aspects of life and living. In the country, public expressions of views are highly prohibited. There is also a heavy restriction placed on mode of dressing and public consumption of alcohol. Persons of opposite sex are not to be seen in close proximity to each other when appearing in public places. The country is also noted for placing great emphasis on family and family values. These traditions which have longed shaped the behavioural patterns exhibited by the Saudi’s are being ingrained from childbirth and enforced by laws. The knowledge and practice of Islam is highly regarded by the Saudi Arabians as this provides a framework of meeting to their cultural practices. Conflict and open confrontations is avoided, preferring alternatives like compromise and self control in disagreement, while still striving to ensure that dignity and respect is accorded to whoever as at when due (Anon, n.d). As a high context culture, the mode of communication is reliant on non-verbal cues such as body language, eye contact and facial gestures. As earlier noted, the cultural practices of the Saudi Arabians place great emphasis on respect especially for one’s elders – a characteristic of vertical hierarchical systems. This gives people of higher standing such as managers or senior citizens, the power of being autocratic. Such features are...

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