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1. Teacher is an individual whom we find teaching in schools and colleges and she/he is the person who has an infinitely lasting influence on the wards. I really believe in the saying that teachers make the destinies of the children they teach and they do not know where, if at all, the influence of a teacher stops. This is because a teacher is in close contact with children when they are at a very impressionable age. This is why a teacher acquires the status akin to the parents as, these childhood contacts are the most far reaching and mostly even permanent. If I was a teacher I would be a blend of strictness and love for all my children. The care I would take of their studies, their character and conduct would all together be a package of sorts. My love for them would be abounding yet, at the same time, I would not have any compromise with their work and or any other activity of theirs. This I would like to do as I would like to see them grow into good personalities, with the qualities of head and heart. I would be for them a friend, a patron and a guide, all in one. It would be my objective to get the love and faith of the children as, a teacher who becomes the confidante of the children is I feel their best friend. They would love me and tell me all their problems instead of hiding them for, an elder who becomes their confidante become their best friend also. They realize that, the elder has all the experience of the life they are leading so, she/he will have a correct understanding of their problems. As a teacher I would never give a chance to the children to feel that, I have favorites among them, and, I favor one against another. I believe that, such a feeling in a young child can be very damaging for his/her growth and outlook on life. A child, who feels that he/she is not liked by the teacher for one, starts hating the teacher and also develops an inferiority complex, which can never be cured. The children under me would always get the world's encouragement from me, for whatever they'd like to do, if of course their work does not hinder any other's progress. At the same time, the wrong doers would not be spared and they would be punished severely for their wrong doings. My friendship with the children would also be a blend of oneness with them and their respect and regard for me. I would never tolerate any kind of misbehavior from my children no matter how well they perform in any sphere. It would be made amply clear to them that, good work and performance is one thing and good behavior another. Whether the performance is good or not, behavior has to be good. I would make it clear to the children that, no matter how brilliant they may be their bad behavior would not be bypassed just because they are good in studies. I would make the children feel convinced that, they would always get justice from me by way of reward or punishment whatever they really deserved. It would be very clear to them that I have no favorites or dislikes - my attitude will always be firm and fair for all children. This will be my quality which would give them all faith in me and my moves. If I could have all these qualities as a teacher I imagine I would be among the best with no competitor, yes none. I would be one teacher who would be loved and respected and also mind you feared - as, justice is for all and appreciated by all.

2. Office of a principal is an important post in school. A principal is expected to run the school, of course with the help of his staff. He has to take decision quickly and create an atmosphere that will let the teachers and students grow. Only a man of proven ability can be offered the post of a school-principal. I, for one in the capacity of a student, do not possess the qualities that made principal of an institution. 

I cannot aspire to be one. However, if something like that happens in fairy tales were to work its magic and give me an opportunity to be the principal of my school, it will be wonderful. I...
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