Imaginary Friends (Published)

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Imaginary friends

Imaginary friends are very common in kids with big imagination, very lonely or mentally ill. The most probable would be loneliness. These are usually caused by children whose parents are away or always busy. Thus, their time being with their children is limited. It is said that because of their loneliness, imaginary friends are born. They would usually talk with them, play with them or just stay by their sides. These are very normal, but they also have side effect.

Some of the rare causes of having imaginary friend are having a real spiritual friend. Many causes of paranormal stuffs involving hallucinations or mentally ill, but some are real. These rare cases are only experienced by children who have physical abilities or just victims of their super natural world. Sometimes, when a family moves to another place, there is a small percentage that their children would experience having an imaginary friend, depending on the things that took place where they live. Some fortunate kids would make new spiritual friends. They might even become their guardian angel, but not all of them are lucky.

I was one of the lucky few who have met such a kid. Her name was Antonia. She was one of my best friends until they move to a new house in Boston. I remember very well, that Antonia would come to my place and tell me stories of her childhood days.

One of the stories she told me happed when she was like seven years old when she stayed at her grandparents’ house at summer in Tennessee. There at their house in Tennessee, she had no friends, so she had “Imaginary Friends”, for she thought it is common for children of all ages to have imaginary friends. Yet, children usually aren’t able to tell a story to adults so many times without it being true. As I can recall, the story happened like this…

That night before she went to sleep, she laid there in the bed and stared at the ceiling. The room has many kinds of antiques, since that room belonged once...
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