Images in Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Topics: English-language films, The Lord of the Rings, William Golding Pages: 2 (951 words) Published: June 7, 2011
An image is a representation of something that is portrayed to make the reader visualize a different impression in its place. Images can be seen, heard, smelled, tasted, or felt. There are many images used in Lord of the Flies by William Golding. Simply put, fire is a major image that has multiple meanings in the novel. The object that gives the title to the novel is also one of the most important image. The pigs head/Lord of the Flies is full of relevance towards the book . Finally, the image of the conch is quite important. These images have crucial meanings that are necessary to the plot of the novel. Fire is something that is normally used for cooking and as a light, however in the novel its main purpose is as a signal fire to attract the attention of any passing ships so the boys can be rescued. The Fire is the boys connection with civilization, as long as it is burning there is a hope that they would be rescued. The fire, or lack of fire, is first major tension between Ralph and Jack. The fire is let out when all the hunters go off with Jack to spear a pig. Meanwhile, Ralph watches a ship go by the island without stopping because there is no smoke visible. “You let the fire out” (73) was all that Ralph had to say to Jack to tell him that he blew a chance to get rescued and that only way they will ever get saved is if there is a fire burning on the island. Ironically, it is a fire that solves both problems started by Jack letting the signal fire die. “Smoke was seeping through the branches in white and yellow wisps”.(216) The smoke was from the fire started by Jack to flush Ralph out of the thicket he was hiding in so he could kill Ralph and put his head on the stick sharpened at both ends. Ralph managed to evade Jack's trap and run into the forest while the fire continued to grow in size. The hunters entered the forest and forced Ralph back to the beach where he runs into the only adult in the novel. “ We saw your smoke”(223) said the navy officer who is...
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