Images And Literature Analysis

Topics: Meaning of life, Art, Mind Pages: 7 (1596 words) Published: December 12, 2015

Can images and literature impact individuals?
Most individuals spend little time considering the weight bestowed upon them as they age into adulthood. With the heavy weight of newly realized responsibilities, the mind forges itself into a miserable version of what it once was. One enjoys themselves as a child, but as they age into adulthood, fun takes a backseat. That’s why society forces individuals to believe. Children are able to understand the meaning of words by seeing them vividly depicted on paper as images. As adults, art is no longer a necessity, works of literature accompanied by pictures become obsolete. Scott McCloud, a comic theorist illustrates the importance of both image and literature as individuals’ age; he emphasizes the...

Both devices allow adults to liberate themselves from life’s hardships.
In order to understand the true meaning of a stress free life, adults need to look toward creative outlets. Most working individuals endure stressful environments that lack abstract thinking and rely solely on repetition; depriving them from forming a creative mind. However, children are faced with the burden of having to leave behind artistic expressions and enter a more reading intensive world. This occurs as a result of society stigmatizing art as being childish and an unrealistic career path. In a section of Scott McCloud’s graphic essay, “Show and tell” he illustrates an image with a boy and his friend and, above the image McCloud states, “It’s considered normal in this society for children to combine words and pictures, so long as they grow out of it” (McCloud, 739). To a kid drawing comes naturally. Most kids draw to express themselves and release whatever thoughts they are processing on to paper. They are able to illustrate to the world what exactly it is they’re thinking and what they want the world to understand. This constant release of emotions allows for a balanced lifestyle; emotions are not pushed aside...

In “Show and tell”, McCloud affirms that a kid reading a book filled with pictures and words is ideal because it allows the child to thoroughly grasp the underlying concepts of the book. As that individual age into a teenager very few images are in books. In the picture illustrated by McCloud, the little kid looks very happy and curious and the teenager looks confused and lost (McCloud, 740). He looks very unhappy reading a book with little to no images. In the final image an elder is present, reading a book containing no images. The individual presented looks like he’s trying to interpret the meaning behind the book; not exactly sure of what’s going on. Scott McCloud mentions that there are barely any individuals left that even read today (McCloud, 740). Being able to escape the real world allows individuals to be able to escape the stress they’re feeling. According to Stuart Brown, a psychiatrist, playing is an important aspect of life. He defines “play” as the ability to clown around and the ability to explore one’s inner child. Brown states “It’s all around us, yet goes unnoticed or unappreciated until it is missing” (Tartakovsky, 2015). Brown refers to the ability to play as an event that involves art, music, speaking to another, and simply laughing. Most adults...
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