Imagery In My Son The Fanatic

Topics: Facial expression, Metaphor, Simile Pages: 4 (1291 words) Published: December 15, 2014
Imagery in “My Son the Fanatic”

Imagery in the language: Look especially on metaphors, similes and symbols. You also have to interpret the title

Julie - page 193-194
Page 193 line 7-8: “His son was outgrowing his teenage attitudes.” It is a metaphor because a plant can grow, but your teenage attitudes can’t be outgrowing.

Page 193, line 15-17: "He was aware that he had become slightly afraid of his son, who, alongside his silences, was developing a sharp tongue. It is a metaphor because your tongue can’t be sharp. What Parvez means is that his son is critical in a wise manner.

Page 193 line 27: “Even the unhappy walls bore marks where Ali’s pictures had been removed.” It is a metaphor because walls can’t be unhappy. The text says that the walls are unhappy, because the pictures had been removed from the walls. It means that the walls are empty.

Page 193 line 33: “Like him, most of the other drivers were punjabis.” It is a comparison, because the text compares Parvez with the other drivers. They are both punjabis.

Page 193 line 40-41: “And he was afraid, too, that they would blame him for the wrong turning his boy had taken.” It is a metaphor because Ali isn’t turning his body, but he is changing his behaviour.  

Tilde -  side 195-196 :
side 195, line 2(“nighty activities”  = kodeword for her nightly  visits with men. not a metafor) side 195, line 9 “she became buisnesslike, and told him what to watch for”. (Here we comepare her with something/ or with an office that gives us an idea of how the look on her face is. How her facial expression is) side 195, line 27 “his mood was alert and steady in this scene, as well as being sullen” ( a simlie. a mood cant be alert and steady) side 195, line 29 long looks(Metafor. long look. Gives us an idea how it may look, it does paint a picture in our mind) side 196 line “while their eyes roved over the boys and girls in their care” ( eyes can’t rove over people, but it is an expression, that...
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