Image Processing

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1, a parameter is a special kind of variable, used in a subroutine to refer to one of the pieces of data provided as input to the subroutine.[1] These pieces of data are called arguments. An ordered list of parameters is usually included in the definition of a subroutine, so that, each time the subroutine is called, its arguments for that call can be assigned to the corresponding parameters. Just as in standard mathematical usage, the argument is thus the actual value passed to a function, procedure, or routine (such as 37 in log(37)), whereas the parameter is a reference to that value inside the implementation of the function (log in this case). See the Parameters and arguments section for more information. In the most common case, call-by-value, a parameter acts within the subroutine as a local (isolated) copy of the argument, but in other cases, e.g. call-by-reference, the argument supplied by the caller can be affected by actions within the called subroutine (as discussed in evaluation strategy). The semantics for how parameters can be declared and how the arguments get passed to the parameters of subroutines are defined by the language, but the details of how this is represented in any particular computer system depend on the calling conventions of that system. -------------------------------------------------

The following program in the C programming language defines a function that is named "sales_tax" and has one parameter named "price". The type of price is "double" (i.e. a double-precision floating point number). The function's return type is also a double.

double sales_tax(double price)
return 0.05 * price;
After the function has been defined, it can be invoked as follows:
In this example, the function has been invoked with the number 10.00. When this happens, 10.00 will be assigned to price, and the function begins calculating...
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