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Image Analysis

By niniclaus Nov 05, 2013 507 Words
Image Analysis
The women in this fiction are represented as smart and intelligent but degraded and rendered powerless by men around them. Lois is a housewife in this fiction but she is represented as a smart and mature woman. She makes smart decisions and has sense. For example, when the salesman presented them with the options of whether keeping the boat or getting the mystery box, she did not hesitate to choose the boat knowing that there would be logically a batch in the mystery box. However, since the entire fiction revolves around degrading women, they ended up with the mystery box instead of the boat because Peter chose it. She had no power over the decision even though she was making more sense than him. Women in this fiction are viewed as inferior to men and made fun of even if when they are the smart ones and make better decisions than the men around them.

The men in this fiction are represented as vain and child-like but they have the power and are agreed with by the world around them. Peter is characterized as a man who has other interests besides alcohol and women. He is oblivious to the environment around him and senseless about the situation. For example, he tells all his male coworkers the joke “Why do women have boobs? So you get something to look at while you’re talking to them.” and it makes them laugh. But then he tells the same thing to a female coworker who just joined the conversation. He does not understand that she is shocked and insulted by his words so he repeats himself waiting for her to laugh. The men are portrayed as full of themselves. For example, when Gloria Ironbox menacingly told him she would be looking forward to him attending her class, Peter said, “If I wasn’t so sure that you were a lesbian, I’d say that you’re coming onto me”, thinking that she must obviously like him. Men in this fiction are represented as hollow beings that think highly of themselves and poorly of the women.

The men and women in this fiction portray roles similar to the ones of Adam and Eve in the Genesis 3. Peter Griffin has this role in which he lets himself be served by his wife and assume a position of superiority. Just the same as Adam in the Genesis, he eats what his wife gives him to eat and has a status of authority given to him by God since he was created first. Also, the Genesis creates the woman in order for her to help the man out therefore making their importance unequal. Then it goes on to an image of her being naïve and weak because she is the one who committed the crime and was persuaded by the serpent. The short clip viewed in class relates to the biblical story where Peter and Lois Griffin play similar roles as Adam and Eve depicting the images of men and women.

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