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Topics: Aung San Suu Kyi, Face, Agence France-Presse Pages: 4 (1228 words) Published: May 6, 2013
According to Kress and van Leeuwen theoretical framework, an image simultaneously performs three semiotic tasks to make meaning which are representational metafunction, interpersonal metafunction, and compositional metafunction. In this paper, I will analysis the below image (Firgure 1) basic on these three metafunctions. The choosen image is an re-made image extract from South Chinese Morning Post. It is a combination of image and text. This paper will mainly focus on image analysing. [pic]

Figure 1. Re-made extract from SCMP

The image in Figure 1 is a phone taken by Agence France Presse in Myanmar. It captures a face of Aung San San Suu Kyi looking behind wine meshes in a photo that is holding by someone with both hands. The image is considered as an narrative image because it includes vectors of motion which allow viewers to create story about participant, which is known as ‘represented participants’ that “points to the relational characteristic of participant in something and drawn attention” (Kress and van Leeuwen, 1996, pp. 47-48). The vectors in the image is formed by the hands and the wine meshes which creates a diagonal line (Figure 2). For instance, the wine meshes is also a vector, and the person behind it an ‘Actor’ in the process of ‘locking’ or ‘being locked’. [pic]

Figure 2. Vectors of Figure 1

Representational metafunction

Representational metafunction is about the participants in the image and tells reviewer what field is it. The image in Figure 1 is considered as an narrative image because the participant, Suu Kyi, is looking at the viewer. That eyeline creates a reactional processes between her and viewers. This connection by eye gaze represents the participant as “doing something to [viewer]” (Kress and van Leeuwen, 1996, pp. 56-57).

Interpersonal matafunction

Interpersonal matafunction is about how the actions of the participants effects the engagement of the viewers...
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