Im Not Scared Michele Review

Topics: Kidnapping, Family, Sibling Pages: 3 (408 words) Published: March 1, 2013
age: 9
family: Mama, Papa, Maria
occupation: kid
description: none

fearful: Throughout the book there is talk of Michele being fearful of many things like on page 38 when he had a trivial nightmare. Michele thinks about monsters as in they are real beliving he could get killed by them at any time "I must be careful. If an orge caught me he would throw me in a hole and eat me bit by bit" -Michele page 43. Though Michele is worried about monsters after he discovered Filipo he was fearful for him thinking about him almost all the time. " I went on reading. It was a new number, Remo had lent it to me. But I couldn't concentrate. I threw it to the floor. I was thinking of Filipo" page 134.

brave: Michele is brave from the beginning to the end. His bravery builds up from when he first rescued Barbera by doing the forfeit for her to when he saves Filipo. Sometimes you are not sure whether he is brave or just unaware of his surroundings "He wasn't skulls he wasn't Barbera's either. He wasn't Salvatore's. He was mine. He was my secret discovery." page 30 Michele thinks this after seeing a dead human body he is barely phased by discovery. "I can't my leg run for it" page 213 Michele sacrifices his mobility to let Filipo escape which really shows his character devolvement since the start of the book.

compassionate: Compassion is one of Michele's best personality traits he is very compassionate for his age always helping others putting there priorities ahead of his. Like when Michele takes the blame for breaking Maria's glasses he shows little resentment at his sister for always getting him in trouble. He still helps her and puts her first "If my sister stays behind I stay behind page 12

traitor: Michele feels he is a traitor when he tells Salvatore of Filippo


family: none
occupation: Leader of kidnappers

occupation: leader of group of kids
description: tall...
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