Im Not Scared

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Does Michele learn that adults are not to be trusted or relied upon? At the beginning of this novel the reader is introduced to an innocent and seemingly normal child. The story really starts when Michele discovers a boy in a whole. Michele doesn't find anyone to help this helpless boy but rather keeps it a secret; something that he has found to keep for himself. This boy in the whole eventually tells a story to Michele (not in words) that people around him are not what they seem. People who he thinks the best of are actually capable of committing terrible acts.

Michele looks upon his parents to be loving caring parents. Even though he felt the chores were a bit overwhelming he thought his parents were doing the right thing by him. He refers to his father as the boss of Aqua Traverse, all this plays a major part in Michele not seeing the truth earlier on. As Michele learns more about who the boy is in the whole is he continuously covers up the possibility that his father is doing something very wrong. "Maybe the boy in the whole is my brother, and he had been born mad like Nunzio"…..(P,67), Michele. When Michele comes across a saucepan at the whole where the boy is, he then becomes suspicious. This evidence in front of his eyes cannot be twisted into another excuse.

At this point Michele relises that his father is not only the loving parent, (maybe not the best) but is also the bogey man. Papa was the bogeyman. By day he was good, by night he was bad (P.87), Michele. At the start of the novel the reader was introduced to the parents as Michele saw them but by this stage we have traveled with Michele to relise who these people are.

Michele didn't really learn not to trust adults. He was put in to a situation where he had no control over. To see if he has learnt anything, well another book might have to be written to see if that is true. All I know is that he was betrayed by the adults closest to him and now he sees that adults are not who they seem to...
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