Ilm Level 5 Assignment 1

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ILM Higher Apprenticeship.

Level 5

Understanding the
Management role to improve
Management performance.

Glyn Thomas

I am undertaking the Institutive of Leadership Management (ILM) Higher Apprenticeship Level 5 as an employee of the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust (WAST).

I am substantively employed as a Paramedic working as a sole responder on a rapid response vehicle, however I have just complete a two and a half year secondment in a managerial role as a Research Support Officer for a collaborative research study between a local University and 3 large UK Ambulance Services. As such, the content of my assignments will be based retrospectively on the experiences and development which I have encountered within this secondment position.

WAST is a Welsh Government funded organisation which has been given NHS Trust status. It’s 2500 staff serve over 3 million people who inhabit the 8,023 square miles which make up Wales. This area, which is a diverse mix of urban, semi rural and rural, has a 750 mile perimeter of coastline.

Understand the specific responsibilities of middle managers in enabling an organisation to achieve its goals.

In the later stages of the 2010 / 2011 financial year, WAST published it’s visionary document ‘Working Together For Success 2001 – 2016’ which intended to portray a clear and uncomplicated story to the people who use our services, and indeed all stakeholders, of what improvements we want to make and the benefits that these will have. As part of the document, it outlines our corporate vision and 3 clear objectives to be met by 2016:-

The Vision:    
An ambulance service for the people of Wales which delivers high quality care wherever and whenever it is needed.

What does this mean by 2016?
We will move from being perceived as simply a transport service to a provider of high-quality health care and scheduled transport services.

Our Objectives:
We will concentrate on achieving three objectives:

Objective 1:   
To achieve all of the national quality standards and clinical requirements

Objective 2:   
To provide the right service with the right care, in the right place, at the right time with the right skills

Objective 3:   
To provide high quality planned patient care services which are valued by users.

To ensure that this visionary document was successfully managed, each of the individual years of the 5 year plan, had measurable and realistic plans ( know as the Annual Delivery Plans – ADP), to ensure that the outlining objectives are met.

Each of the 6 Director of Services has the responsibility of highlighting their own objectives within the ADP – and ensure that the plans are met within the prescribed timescale. As you will see from the example beneath, some objectives which individual Directors have, may continue over a few years, others will be required to be completed within the financial year or sooner.

The manager will have to interpret the key action and communicate with both Tiers above and below them, to ensure that a) the work stream being carried out sits within the strategic aim of the Trust and b) so that individuals or program management groups or members of various Task and Finish (TAF) groups fully understand what their specific roles are. If the middle manager gets this wrong, and the final product does not support the key actions required by the author of the strategic document, then failure of this objective and maybe other objectives that are linked to it or indeed rely on it, may ensue.

(Source WAST – 2013-2014 ADP)
Understand how communication and interpersonal skills affect managerial performance in the workplace.

“Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success” – Paul J Meyer.

To ensure a productive and slick team whom are all content within their roles relies heavily on how the manager is able to...
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