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Assignment Task for Unit - Leading and motivating a team effectively and understanding leadership …………………….. is registered charity providing social housing. Its vision is homes and neighbourhood’s we can be all proud of. They put customer’s first, keeping a strong financially viable, socially responsible, well governed business which is learning and growing achieving continuous improvements while obtaining value for money. My team Sustainment and Support(S&S) provides support, advice and assistance to customers who are vulnerable or in need. We successfully sustained tenancies and communities for tenants and will give them a platform to address other challenging issues and circumstances within their lives. The service is tailored to the individuals support needs, which is identified through the initial assessment. The support incorporates an action plan which is reviewed regularly to make sure the actions are being met. The most important characteristics of a successful organisations is the clarity of purpose, adherence to core values, a distinct identity and a clear vision of the aim of the organisation. A good vision keeps the organisation moving forward and is a good motivator for the staff to achieve the set goals. All teams within the housing directorate have set goals and like the S&S team these have to be achieved. Without goals there would be no direction for the staff to achieve and participating in making the organisation successful. These targets and achievements are discussed at one to ones, and team meetings so team members are aware of how their performance contributes to the overall targets set at strategic level to achieve success overall. Other options available are away days, global emails to staff and group sessions. Not everyone likes to be communicated the same way. Email and literature works for some, but others would rather listen and talk. Respect the person you're trying to communicate with and use the method they prefer. Clear communication and understanding is essential giving you the ability to deal with any issues or concerns that the staff have effectively and quickly. High performing teams will have clear understanding of roles and responsibility acknowledges the objectives, functions appropriately while carrying out the required task. Monitoring performance and regular 1-1s will indicate areas which require addressing, while allowing the team to be open and honest about what works and doesn’t and encouraging them to provide feedback will show areas of strength and ways to improve. Receiving support and guidance from senior managers will enhance your own capabilities to lead the team UNDERSTANDING LEADERSHIPS STYLES -

Kurt Lewin (phycologist) researched and created a model Lewins leadership Styles putting them in 3 categories .Authoritarian - provide clear expectations for what needs to be done, when it should be done, and how it should be done. Participative- offer guidance to group members, but they also participate in the group and allow input from other group members. And delegation -offers little or no guidance to group members and leave decision-making up to group members. A leader needs to analyse personal abilities, the group and the situation, then select the best leadership style. A leader who chooses the most appropriate style and has the ability to adapt is likely to be successful. There are many factors which could influence choice, size, skill, experiences and knowledge, individuals with different personalities and backgrounds. Large teams may have staff with varying levels of skill. This may require the manager to adopt a more authoritarian style, providing clear communication so that everyone knows what to do to achieve goals and tasks. On the other hand, team leaders may take a more participative approach with other managers of equal standing in order to get their own team functioning efficiently. The delegating leadership style is thought to be most effective...

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