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Topics: Police brutality, Police, Camera Pages: 2 (1153 words) Published: October 29, 2014

Jennifer Romero
Technology has helped solve many cases where police officers were accused of excessive force. Most importantly cameras provide proof of how many police officers have been accused of excessive. The cameras are not only been used to take selfies but have been used to catch how police officers over use their power against people with less power. Not only cell phone cameras from witnesses have helped catch police brutality but police officers own dash cameras in their own police car and video surveillance in the jail cell have also helped prove police excessive force. A video camera from a cell phone caught how the Hammond, Indiana police officers used excessive force on Jamal Jones. Dash cameras have also been used in cases of excessive force by police officers like the case of John Hill. In jail cells there are cameras but this particular camera caught how the Chicago Police used excessive force on Cassandra Feuerstein. Technology, especially cameras has been used in multiple cases against police officers for using excessive force. Lisa Mahone and Jamal Jones were on their way to the hospital where Mahone’s mother was dying. They were just stopped for a traffic stop by the Hammond police, soon things escalated and Jamal’s son began to record with his cell phone how the police used excessive force on his father. Officers Patrick Vicari and Charles Turner were the ones being accused of excessive force. Lisa Mahone who was in the driver seat was asked for identification but so was Jamal. Due to the fact that Jamal didn’t have a driver’s license, Jamal tried to give the officers a document that included his information but the officers declined to see it. The officers then went to the passenger window and tried to force Jamal come out of the vehicle. As Jamal refused to leave the vehicle because he felt they were in imminent danger, the officers smashed the passenger-side window and used a stun gun called a Taser on Jamal forcing him to get out...
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