Illuminati Questionnaire

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The Illuminati
We are students in INTI College Subang Jaya taking Applied Communication (ENG3600) as a subject that requires us to conduct a survey investigating the influence of The Illuminati through the music industry and how far spread it is among INTI college students. All information will be kept private and confidential and will only be used for research purposes alone. Personal Information

Age: □ 17 – 19 □ 20 – 22 □ 23 – 25 □ 26 onwards Sex: □ Male □ Female
Nationality: □ Malaysian □ Non-Malaysian

1. Which category would you say best describes you? (choose one of the following options only) □ An Atheist □ A Freethinker □ Religious

2. How often do you listen to Western music per day?
□ None □ 1 – 2 hours □ 3 – 5 hours □ 6 – 8 hours □ >8 hours

3. Which singers do you enjoy listening to? (you may tick more than one)


Lady Gaga

Robbie Williams



Elvis Presley

Kanye West

Katy Perry

Taylor Swift




4. Do you have any knowledge of the following? (tick either yes or no) 1.Ke$ha’s video Die Young is full of Illuminati symbols, the most prominent being the inverted cross. Yes
2. Robbie Williams made the Eye of Horus sign in his MV, Sin Sin Sin.

3. Beyonce’s alter ego is called Sasha Fierce showing the struggle that she is going through between good and bad.

4. Jay-Z mentions about raping babies in his song called Monster.

5. Lady Gaga sleeps in a cocoon to represent rebirth.

6. One’s of Rihanna’s album is called Good Girl Gone Bad, symbolizing her joining the elite group members of the Illuminati.

7. All Kanye West’s stage backdrop during his concerts have the Illuminati pyramid

4. If you knew the songs you listen to have Illuminati...
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