Topics: Great Depression, Bank, President of the United States Pages: 1 (408 words) Published: October 30, 2014

In this paper I will discuss several different things about the illuminati. I will tell you who they are, what role they play in the government and exactly what their plan is. The illuminati is a group made up of famous singers and athletes as well as some of the richest people in the nation. They rule America and will continue to do so until they are stopped or die trying to enforce these plans that I am about to reveal to you The main people in the illuminati are rich bankers like the rockefellows rich old men with a lot of money, in the great depression they created margin calls which would make people run to the bank and take out all of their money and the bank would close. Those were called bank runs, at any time they could make hundreds of banks fail. That’s how it all started, mosh famous rap singers and icons like Justin Bieber and Mylie Cyrus are all in the illuminati now. It is a government inside are government and they will not stop till they reach their goals. The illuminati is a group in our government that calls the shots, the president and all of the ‘’government’’ are just their puppets. They pull the strings and decide what happens while all of America thinks they voted on it. They are all evil, these Satanist that run are government are going to destroy America and the world. People need to wake up and realize what going on. President Kennedy, Lincoln and Michael Jackson where all killed by them. The twin towers and pentagon and several shooting were set up by them to try to band guns. They have armies on the ground from Russia and china training to take over America. There are also concentration camps in every state that they call “fema” camps but they are really gas chambers. Their main goal is world domination; they want population reduction and total control of the world. I wish there was something to do but there is not. They are going to use Russian and Chinese troops...
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