Illicit and Prescription Drug Abuse and How it Affects Families

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Illicit and Prescription Drug Abuse and How it Affects Families June 27, 2011
Instructor Barbara Nosal

Drug abuse has affected many families and households. Some families have family members who are addicted to prescription drugs and other members of the family are not aware. Twenty percent of people in the United States have used prescription drugs for non-medical purposes (U.S. National Library of Medicine, n.d.). Prescription drug abuse is continuing to increase because some people think that it is fine to take prescription medicine when not needed because the doctor prescribed the medicine. Some people think that prescription drugs are less harmful and not easily to be addictive. Other people think that it is fine to take other people prescribed medicine if he or she has the same symptoms as the prescribed person. In some family household, some parents believe it is fine to allow his or her child to take another one of the children medicine because he or she has the same problems (The Nemours Foundation, 2011). It is important for parents to make sure that his or her children cannot have easy access to someone else medicine. For an example, if one of the children is taking medicine for ADHD, and it is causing him or her to lose his or her appetite, the other child may believe that he or she wants to lose weight so it is fine to take his or her medicine. This can cause a problem if the medicine is addictive or if it is too strong for the child who took the medicine without permission. Addiction to prescription drugs can cause several problems in a household. Some prescription drug abusers begin taking the drugs as an experiment. He or she may want to see if he or she can obtain the same effect as the prescribed person. Prescription drugs are easier to obtain than street drugs because doctors prescribed the drugs or the drugs can be in the household because the drugs belong to another member of the family....

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