Illegal Poaching

Topics: Hunting, Poaching, Wildlife management Pages: 4 (1478 words) Published: August 21, 2013
iIllegal poaching
Definition of illegal poaching
Hunting is type of activity that killing or capturing wild animals as their main food supply in old time, for instance roosters, deer, goat and others animals. Nowadays, hunting animals that are almost extinct in this world are called illegal poaching and people in modern days will think the most serious of environmental problem is pollution, but an illegal poaching wild animal also is the one of serious problem which impacts the environment too. What is illegal poaching? Illegal poaching is type of activity which is illegally. This activity is a practice that occurs in a different type of way, for example illegal hunting, killing wildlife, capturing of animals and others activity. Illegal poaching was happened very long time ago but government or department did not take the problem seriously compare with problem of pollution, so that the case of illegal poaching still increasing in every year. Now, the most serious illegal poaching countries are Asia, Europe and Africa. These are countries which have many wild animals and danger species, for example tigers, elephants, rhinos and others animals. Therefore, poachers always choose these three countries to hunting wilds animals. They also the hunting animals live in sea, for instance sharks, whales, turtle and others type of marine animals. This type of illegal hunting has led to reducing populations of many species.

History of poaching
During Stone Age era, the activity of hunting probably begun when the first humans started their journey the world at millions of years ago. At that time, human are based on poor knowledge to think about how to alive in this world, and how to keep survive, to avoid hunger, they knew they need food to satisfied their needs. They started to find foods in various ways, one of the ways is hunting animals, and this situation is more likely similar to the food chain of this natural world, that means the stronger eat the weaker, only...
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