Illegal Immigration in the United States

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Illegal Immigration in the United States

Illegal Immigration in the United States
The United States (US) has always been viewed as the land of opportunity because it is the only true free country in the world. This being the case people have been fighting their way into the country for decades. However, it is becoming more and more of a problem each decade that passes. With the United States border being so close to Mexico it is now seeing the highest population of illegal immigrants to date. The rising population is due to the lack of jobs in their country, poor pay and bad work environments. It has become the issue it has because the US is now having problems with high taxes, steep insurance costs and new laws. Even though the United States is a free country, immigration has changed over the years because of an increase in illegal immigrants, stricter laws and harsher penalties. In the last few decades the United States has had to increase the taxes for their American citizens due to the increase in the illegal immigrant population. "Even with the national government pouring billions of dollars into the education of LEP students, state and local taxes provide the lion's share of the funding needed to hire bilingual teachers, purchase non-English textbooks and instructional resources, and hire other professionals or paraprofessionals who can communicate with non-English speaking parents." (Sanchez, 2008) Education is where a major portion of money goes to help illegal immigrants learn to speak English. "Local taxpayers continue to expend more money to support education; and in communities that serve high numbers of illegal immigrants, such taxpayers will have to provide even more money to public school districts. Universities have been petitioned by local education agencies to prepare more educators to work with LEP students, so additional funding for research and curriculum development will be required at the university level." (Sanchez, 2008) With so much of our tax payers money going to the education of these illegal immigrants many schools each year find that they have to put more money into those programs. The result is that many other school programs have to be canceled. For example, many school's have cancelled their music departments, drama and after school programs. Also, in recent years the approach to teaching illegal immigrants has changed. "The practice of some public schools throughout the past and recent history relative to the education of LEP students has been to place them in isolated wings of schools or in self-contained programs, believing LEP students cannot achieve at the same level as their non-LEP peers (Mitchell 2005). Such practices limit the educational opportunity of LEP students... LEP students were thrust into the general education classroom with little support and only a limited, low-level exposure to the state curriculum. This practice almost certainly ensures the failure of LEP students in all-English general education classrooms, high stakes tests, and required exit-level graduation exams." (Sanchez, 2008) The new approach to this education is to place the illegal immigrants into the normal classroom setting with all other students so they can learn at the same pace. It also provides them with the daily use of the language and other information. They do have class time with just their peers though, this helps them to focus on the language as a whole and then apply it to their other class time. The American tax payers are not all agreed on their opinions of this issue. Some feel that we should not be providing these services to people who are not citizens. But there are also those that believe that we should offer a helping hand to anyone in need. Some say that the way many feel is due to their political beliefs, but others feel it is a moral obligation. In the more recent years there have been some key players that have been trying to combat illegal immigration. These...

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