Illegal Immigration

Topics: Immigration to the United States, United States, Illegal immigration Pages: 3 (1043 words) Published: January 13, 2006
Illegal Immigration

Immigration is a subject matter that should be becoming a concern in the United States. There are three major issues concerning immigration, those illegal immigrants that come here illegally, those that cannot speak the language, and those who display their nation's flag, but take residency in the United States. In approaching these topics there is a sensitivity that should be shown to those coming to this country. The reason being is that this country was founded by those who were immigrants.

There should be some history given on immigration to understand how the country has dealt with immigration in the past. The first major immigration since our journey over to this country was the immigration of African Americans through the slave trade; 500,000 were brought over until up to the time of the American Revolution (Bergen). This is one of history's only forced immigrations. From 1830 to the year 1890 there were 7.5 million recorded illegal immigrants to this country from Europe and Asia. This was brought about by the large number of growing opportunities in the U.S. for those jobs that were unskilled, and low paying, which will be discuss later. The gold rush accounted for many of the Asian and Latin American immigrants. In 1907 Japanese immigration was limited and Chinese immigration has been stopped in the years 1892 and 1902. (Bergen) To present there was an increase in the number of Cuban immigrants. This was caused by crisis in Cuba with Fidel Castro, and most that fled were the wealthy and educated.

Illegal Immigration is becoming more and more apparent in America as we move through the ages. As stated by Chris Cannon, member of the House of Representatives, "Our nation's immigration policy has been of top concern in recent years, and for good reason. With between eight and twelve million illegal aliens in the United States, it is obviously a problem out of control."(Brainy Quote) The leading concern for illegal immigration is...

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