Illegal Immigration

Topics: Immigration to the United States, Illegal immigration, Immigration Pages: 5 (1717 words) Published: October 24, 2012
Illegal Immigration: The Undocumented Issue
In this paper I will discuss one of the biggest issues in the United States: Illegal immigrants. Some may say that illegal immigration has a positive impact on the United States’ economy, and some think that these undocumented immigrants affect jobs and wages of people that are living in this country. I think that illegal immigrants harm the United States’ economy through their use of our country’s social services such as health care, education and social security as well as in the job market. The essay will take a look at the kind of job illegal immigrants are holding, and how they affect the economy and native workers. A majority of illegal immigrants are employed as construction workers, restaurant workers, farm workers, janitors, security guards, taxi drivers and child care services, and many Americans cannot compete with an illegal workforce in the country. Americans currently have to deal with unfair competition from undocumented foreign workers, who are willing to work for lower wages than documented workers. This is not normal capitalistic competition between companies, but it is an example of the unjust displacement of legal citizen workers by illegal workers who will keep wages low and Americans unemployed if this is allowed to continue. Some say that most illegals are taking jobs that no other Americans would want such as seasonal farming with its conditions and pay. Some may argue that competition is positive for a society, especially a capitalistic society such as the United States. In the article “Illegal Immigration: A Positive Economic Contribution to the United States,” Ramanujan Nadadur argues that illegal immigration has a positive impact on United States’ economy. According to Nadadur, the entire labor force consists of only twenty-four percent of workers who are undocumented. It means that a large number of native workers are also to be found there. Therefore, illegal immigrants are balancing labor shortage and “… do not compete for the jobs of native US workers and that a continued flow of undocumented immigrants would benefit the majority of persons residing in the US by complementing their labor market position instead of competing for it” (Nadadur). Undocumented workers also have positive effects on the economy by decreasing consumer costs. Since they are able to work for lower wages, the cost to produce the items should be lower which would mean lower cost to buy those items. Also, illegals spend ninety percent of their wages in the United States and the total consumptive capacity is around $450 billon. With illegal immigrants working for less money and reducing the cost of manufacturing, farm products hopefully will pass the savings on to the American people. I disagree with Ramanujan Nanadur’s statement, “… because illegal immigration serves to allow businesses to minimize their costs of production in the secondary sector, it positively impacts income of all native workers by decreasing consumer costs”(Nadadur). First I think that the same could be accomplished by legal immigration. By hiring illegal immigrants, businesses are taking advantage of people by paying them wages that no legal immigrants or citizens would work for. By doing that, people will have less money to spend. This harms the economy even though the products that they may produce would be lower but the rest of the products would still be the same. So they would not be able to afford those products with the wages that are being paid. I think illegal immigrants harm the US economy not just through the workforce, but through their use of United States’ social services such as health care, education and social security. Some people argued that illegal immigrants are not as likely to use public services because they are afraid to be found and be deported. But according to the article, “Whose children are these? A rational approach to educating illegal-alien...
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