Illegal Immigration

Topics: Immigration to the United States, Illegal immigration, Immigration Pages: 3 (878 words) Published: September 5, 2012
Illegal Immigration
Illegal immigration will always be a widely discussed issue. The problem is people entering, staying and working in the country without permission. Individual’s that enter the country legally and end up over staying their time changes their status from legal to illegal. The subject matter of this paper addresses some of the viewpoints of Mario Garibaldi and Rem Macson.

Garibaldi believes illegal immigration is a difficult topic because it involves individuals and family. It also includes the old and young, with differences in culture and behavior, right and wrong and legal and illegal issues. Some people enter the United States to enjoy a better economic life. Many people have risked their lives to live the American Dream. In addition immigrants put themselves in danger legally and illegally. Living in the United States is a privilege; not a right and it’s alright to legally enjoy America’s opportunities and freedoms. He also believes that employers need workers that will work for low pay and illegal workers will take the job. (Garibaldi).

Illegal immigration is wrong and indicates a violation of laws. Some solutions would require the United States to improve the arrival controls, removal management, and entry restrictions. It will be difficult to stop illegal immigration as long as people can enter the country without permission. In addition nine out of ten times people will take advantage of freebies. The word freebies are the slang but the term opportunities could have been used. Garibaldi also believes that amnesty in 1986 was supposed to solve the illegal immigration problem. Instead it caused more people to come in illegally with the hope of future amnesty program. This is a fallacy because the amnesty program was not intended to solve illegal immigration. It was to make the illegal immigrants that are already here become legal residents. (Garibaldi).

The evidence is not accurate but it was necessary to help lower...

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