Illegal Immigrants in America

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Carmen Corbett Mr. Martin
Adv. 100
June 23, 2013

Illegal Immigration in America

One of the most controversial political issues today is illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants is a serious problem that has to stop, because it is unfair to the people here in America. Illegal immigration is also unfair for the country that the immigrant left. It is public knowledge that the majority of the illegal immigrants in America come from Mexico. This is a problem that must me stopped as it hurts America’s economy and tax paying citizens. Illegal immigrants live off tax payers, take jobs and housing of hard working citizens, and leave there country of birth without skilled workers and help leave their own country into poverty.

Legal American citizens pay taxes that help support welfare, health care, public schools and many other social services, many of which are taken advantage of by illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants do not have to pay as many taxes as citizens do, illegal immigrants don’t have to pay social security. This isn’t fair to Americans. I personally don’t care if people migrate here I just want them to have to pay taxes just like everyone else. Illegal immigrants need to abide by the same laws as Americans. If a child is born in America, even if the parents are illegal, the child is a American citizen, making this child a burden to the state to make sure the child receives adequate care. So every tax paying Americans dollars are going towards welfare and food stamps, just because the child was born here in America. The majority of Americans are predominantly a working middle class, who are accustomed to a middle class life style? Illegal workers come to this country and working for less than the average pay. This makes work salaries of legal workers to go down, because some employers are getting cheaper labor from undocumented citizens. This is making it harder for American citizens to get good paying jobs. Douglas Sunkel said “I was a very successful contractor until I hired two illegal immigrants to work for me”. (Douglas Sunkel) Douglas lost his business to these two illegal immigrants. Douglas had to file bankruptcy and go into a different profession. Douglas is now a manager at Wal-Mart. This is just one example of what cheap labor from illegal immigrants can do in society. Illegal immigrants sometimes tend to bring down the standard of living in the communities. Cities with higher immigration rates have longer commuting time, more people living in poverty, more high school dropouts, twice as many violent crimes, twice as many unemployed, more than twice the welfare dependency and more than seven times as much crowded housing.

Illegal immigrants not only hurt America they hurt the country they are leaving, and are taking away skilled professionals from that country. This causes a smaller work force and can lead to poverty in small communities, which can lead to more illegal immigrates coming to America. Illegal immigrants has become a very serious problem in America and it really needs to be addressed. They drain the American economy, by taking from the system and never putting back into the system. Most immigrants come to America to get rich and go back home. Therefore they don’t invest in the economy here they take it back to their country of origin. Undocumented citizens are users in our community who don’t contribute anything but working for less money than American citizens. They come here in most cases with only the clothes on their backs and they bring their families here until they get enough money to be wealthy or rich in their own country then they flee back home with all the money they have made here in America.

I have personally work with some illegal immigrants for the past fourteen years they come and go on my job. When the government started cracking...

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