illegal immigrant workers should be granted legal status

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Support one position on “illegal immigrant workers should be granted legal status”
For the past 120 years- “between 1891 and 1920- [America has] received some 18 million men, women and children from other nations” (Bush 554) and causes one of the serious problem in the society. Therefore, immigration reform has been intensely debate among the citizen due to illegal immigrant issues that have become prevalent in United States. However, validating the illegal immigrant workers status should be considered strongly because their strong work ethic and other important American values such as an entrepreneurial spirit that strengthens the economy justify their need for a legal system that protects them from employer’s exploitation.

Illegal immigrant workers have work harder than anyone else just to keep their job secure. This can be indicates by them taking “12-hour days doing menial labor for low wages”( Rana Foroohar 24) or working multiple jobs in a day or week tirelessly without complaining nor give up easily yet appreciate and take every single opportunity they can in the state to receive a constant income to support their family. For instance, they fulfil the jobs that have not been taken by American such as “dirty” jobs like cleaning or hard, physical labour or working in a nursing home and taking care of elderly. Without the illegal immigrant workers, the nursing home would have face the lack of worker issue and elderly will not be taken care of. Hence, this has demonstrates that the illegal immigrant workers has bring with them a strong work ethic with them to the American’s society.

Moreover, the illegal immigrant workers usually travel far away from their homeland to America and some of them even “risk their lives in dangerous desert border crossings, or entrusted their lives to the brutal rings of heartless smugglers” (Bush 554) just to earn a living in the states for their precious family back in the homeland. This is because the illegal...
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