Illegal Electronics

Topics: Mobile phone, Rotary dial, Vacuum tube Pages: 5 (1744 words) Published: December 3, 2013

Illegal Electronics
Televisions, cell phones, and computers have changed the lives of many people in society, however for the worst. Direct interaction is admirable over cell phone communication because a person can interpret one’s feelings through personal contact. Many teens in society today have trouble with the basics of direct conversation. Cell phones have taken over face-to-face contact, which leaves interaction between others to be unrefined. A computer lessons a student’s comprehension by the usage rather than his brain. Enjoyable hands on tasks and creatively taught ways are effective strategies to learn by. Thoughts and study habits are best remembered by the use of a pen and paper. The computer has defeated the use of library books, which have true facts rather than the use of some false information from the computer. Television diminishes a person’s ability to lose weight, and therefore results in obesity. Television creates unhealthy consumption habits. Exercise is set aside due to laziness, television becomes priority over physical activities. Television advertisements influence people to purchase products that are unhealthy. Lastly, family time has been over ran by the television box, which results in relationship issues between members. To develop an exceptional lifestyle for individuals, cell phones, televisions, and computers need to be banned due to lack of socialization, interaction, and the education of humans. Direct interaction is admirable over cell phone communication because a person can interpret one’s feelings through personal contact. Cell phone use has diminished the use of face-to-face contact in today’s society. Mobile phones have become universal; people can easily buy their own multi-functional cell phones, which include Internet connection that allows them to be online at any time. Individuals invest most of their time in chat, games, profiles, and texts that neglect all the things around them. People who depend too much on cell phone usage can limit social interaction, which makes people less active and outgoing. Social network interaction can almost never be interpreted correctly, with a blocked view of a person’s attitude or emotion. A fight can break out easily due to the way a person reads his friend’s status or profile. Individuals rarely talk to strangers anymore. When a situation is uncomfortable, people take out their cell phone instead of engaging in conversation with the individual they are next to. People do not make as many friends as in the past because instead of interaction with a stranger, they text or call a friend of the present. Besides the negativity of a cell phone, positive aspects come with an on-the-go device. When an individual travels, a cell phone comes in handy when he needs to call his family to let them know he is safe. If a person’s car breaks down, a cell phone is convenient for help right away. Cell phones are an important form of safety because they are so convenient. Landline telephones can be removed from houses to save money. Cell phones can replace the landlines. Many businesses have specific work cell phones so if a person wants to get up from his desk, he can answer calls when he is away. Text messages are acceptable when a person wants to send a short description to a friend or family member. Also, text messages are exceptional in a crowded area when a person cannot hear to talk on the phone. Even though cell phones can be a convenience or life-saving device, they can easily turn a trip to the market into a destructive auto collision. To drive distracted with a cell phone diverts a person’s attention away from the primary task to drive a car. Deadly crashes have happened due to overuse of the cell phone. Text messages require visual, manual, and cognitive attention from a driver, which is a very alarming distraction. Business calls should be answered carefully at a desk, and not on the run. This enables a person to write down any important...
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