Illegal Drug Trade and Meter Race

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Drug, Events in athletics Pages: 3 (1165 words) Published: October 2, 2013
Drugs is a very big problem in the world many deaths are caused by taking drugs, over dosing and suicide. Drugs are a very big problem in the world. Everywhere you look people are affected by them but even though they are common it doesn't make them harmless. A drug is a chemical which is taken into your body if you are in pain or have an illness which is legal, but other drugs such as heroin and ecstasy are illegal drugs which are used to make you feel good and give you a buzz. Some people think it is okay for other people to do drugs, but they wont think that when one of their family or friends are asked to have drugs or gets spiked then they would strongly disagree and change their opinion. Using illegal drugs has many damaging effects on an individual. These effects not only damage a person physically but also mentally and emotionally. The effects of illegal drug usage have long lasting effects on the individual long after the drug usage has stopped as well. Marijuana is one of the most common used illegal drugs despite its harmful effects on the human body. Marijuana is a drug that is smoked and causes severe damages to your lungs. The smoke that enters your lungs can cause asthma, emphysema, cancer and many other cardiopulmonary diseases. the Olympic park in home bush is a very big track where the students and athletes go at practice the athletic abilities. This is the location where we celebrate our Sports carnival every year in the month of February at this field. Preparations for the sports carnival are made much in advance. There is a big gathering of boys on that day in our school who get driven to the grounds. The students who excel in the sport are given prizes by the principal. First of all the was the 800 meter race. The signal for starting it was given by a pistol shot. One teacher was noting the time with a stop watch. There were many other races like the 200 and 100 meter race. The hurdle race was especially interesting. After the races...
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