Iliad and Achilles

Topics: Beowulf, Iliad Pages: 3 (1239 words) Published: September 17, 2013
Glory and fame is important in a heroes mind. It’s more important than anything else in their life and territory. Respect and knowledge gained from their own people meant the world to them, and more important their identity as a warrior. Heroes do not have to persuade their story to their people and how they did it, the outcome of their war and victory would tell the story of how great and brilliant they were for it self. This explains the life of both Achilles and Beowulf. Both warriors fought with pride and power, but they had different personalities and ideas of leadership. Both great stories were oriented towards gaining glory and showing strength. Achilles fought and goes into Troy only for his own fame, while Beowulf fights for his value and goes in to journeys to show everyone else how first-class of a warrior he is against monsters that are bigger than him. There are many examples that show how two great warriors are compared in a similar and different way. There fighting style was similar in a way that they were seem as an immortal from by those around them, they were unstoppable and had many strengths. Achilles was the son of a God, which made him smart and agile. He had stamina and was very fast and accurate with his moves. Beowulf’s fighting style was more of strength and power. He cared more about beating a monster with his bare hands than using a weapon like Achilles did. Achilles was a prideful warrior who only believed in his own will and his own way. As a stubborn warrior many people from his army did what he commanded and didn’t question is motives or actions. If people did not do what he said to do, he would become savage just like he acted towards Agamemnon who has betrayed by taking his prize. A perfect example is on lines (1. 342-355). His words hold meaning, obeying his orders is the only answer. Even though Agamemnon does not follow Achilles orders, his hatred and stubbornness are shown towards someone that he has no control of....

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"Beowulf: A Verse Translation (Norton Critical Editions) [Paperback]." Beowulf: A Verse Translation (Norton Critical Editions) 25 Nov. 2012.
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