Topics: Iliad, Trojan War, Greek mythology Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: September 9, 2013
2. Why do you think the bard chose to focus on the quarrel between Achilles and Agamemnon, rather than on a more obvious highlight of the Trojan War legend (i.e., the Sack of Troy)? - In my perspective, Homer chose to focus on the quarrel between Achilles and Agamemnon, rather than on a more obvious highlights of the Trojan War legend because it is due to their argument that eventually led to the Trojan War. If it hadn't been for the insults and the things, that Agamemnon did to Achilles, maybe there might have not been the Sack Of Troy or the Trojan War. Homer emphasizes the arguments, and the involvement of the Gods to make this story more interesting to read. It is only when Agamemnon sends his men to take Chryseis, Achilles prize, that makes Achilles furious. He prays to his mother with a sad heart, because Athena had told Achilles not kill Agamemnon and just wait. Achilles tells his mother to tell Zeus to start a war between Troy and Greece. When the Greeks will be overpowered by the Trojans, thats when they will feel the need for Achilles. Achilles complains to his mother, Thetis, that he was destined to die young, but now he was being robbed of his glory as well. Thetis requests Zeus, while reminding him all that she did for her, to get Achilles's glory back. Zeus had no other choice, and goes to Agamemnon's dream and tell him that it's the right time to attack Troy. So in my conclusion, I think this is why Homer close to focus more on the quarrel between Achilles and Agamemnon.
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