Ilegal Immigration into Texas

Topics: Immigration to the United States, United States, Illegal immigration Pages: 2 (1059 words) Published: October 23, 2014

Marilyn Bujang
Pennie Boyette
English Composition 1301
27 September 2014
Illegal Immigration into Texas
Immigration is the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country. Illegal immigration is regarded as the unlawful entry of any foreign national across another national border. It can also be referred to as the process whereby, foreigners gain entry into another national border in the ways that contravenes the immigration laws of the targeted country. The United States has forever been known as the land of the free, and the nation of opportunity. Over a million immigrants take up residency in the United States each year. However, not every immigrant comes into this country through legal procedure, and most of these illegal immigrants are poor and uneducated people. They might be brought here because of human trafficking, smuggling or other methods. The United States welfare system has difficulties supporting the huge numbers of immigrants coming into the country each year. A majority of the immigrants are from poor countries, and come to the United States looking for work. This is especially true of illegal immigration in Texas. Texas has many illegal immigration problems. To begin, it is impossible to say exactly how many illegal immigrants are living in Texas precisely because no authority documents their entry into the state. Statistics show that there are approximately 11.2 million illegal immigrants in the United States. Most immigrants leave their countries due to the harsh conditions faced there like malnutrition, lack of jobs, less education or they leave to look for greener pastures. However, they face numerous problems when they get to the United States. For example, they are often not able to obtain a social security number; hence, they can neither apply for any job nor get a driver’s license. They are also not able to get health insurance. As a result, they have to pay huge amounts of money for health care. Some...
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