Ikea in India

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Table of Contents
1.Executive summary1
1.1 Introduction 2
2.Company Background3
2.1 The growth of IKEA3
2.2 IKEA Malaysia company's strategy4
3.New Delhi's Background5
3.1 New entry strategy5
3.2 The international business6
3.3 The market screening6
3.4 New Delhi's economy7
* Figure 1: International Business Model8
* Figure 2: The Tribune, Chandigrah, India- Budget Highlights 2006 – 079 4.Barriers of Entry10
4.1 Culture and beliefs10
4.2 Pricing10
4.3 Environment barrier causes11
* Figure 3: The Global Strategic Planning Process13
7. References15
* IKEA's Overview16-17

1.Executive Summary
First of all, the assignment that is about International Business. The research and task which was given is an intention to expand the largest furniture company that is IKEA in Malaysia to New Delhi, India.

IKEA was one of the biggest furniture manufacturers in the world where they have conquered the European state until Asian state with their most famous product and valued product money can buy. Since Malaysia's goal was to look forward in becoming the next exporting industry, Malaysia companies should take this opportunity to explore the foreign market.

The task will be based on the barriers of the company is likely to meet when entering and exploring the market. The strategies of controllable and uncontrollable forces will be examined throughout the research. This research purpose is to understand the markets in New Delhi and how to enter their market. The company and its strategy information can help by understanding the motives of the expansion around the globe. By using the five main drivers (politics, cost, market, competitive and technology) of globalization should be fitted in the research so that the expansion will be easier to handle.

The analysis of the assignment can be judged whether it is relevant or logic for this research on expanding the IKEA business to New Delhi, India. Each steps to expand into New Delhi will be carefully learnt and to position the market in the new entry.

The task that was given is about the research of overseas market with the intention to expand a company; permanently to understand the foreign market situation and to grab the opportunity to explore the oversea market.

The oversea market research may consider this few process which includes designing the structure of the market, gathering information of the oversea market for business uses, analyzing the purpose of the expansion and report of the outcome that may be used to solve a specific marketing problem.

A company's decision to expand must understand the global environment, especially the trade system. Meaning, it must asses each of the foreign market economic, political-legal, as well as the cultural characteristics. The management must examine later on how much sales they can make, this is because the objectives is to get returns on investments against the level of risk that the company is facing.

Secondary data were collected like the information from the internet or books are useful in evaluating the country or market environments for making initial market entry decisions and for attempting to asses the future development and trends to screen the market potential while monitoring the environmental changes in an international perspective.

The planning was to build a long term market or business which the expansions were all about. By learning the other countries background economically; some of the research are theoretical based, some were search in the internet (especially the target market in New Delhi), text books and lectures notes as references. The report will consist of the five driver forces for the international business, the growth of the New Delhi's economy, and understanding the barriers of Malaysia entering New Delhi's market.

2.Company Background...

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