Ihrm Quality Compliance at the Hawthorne Arms

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___________________________Quality compliance at the Hawthorne Arms ___________________________

Prepared by,
Parth v. Purohit (19)
(Ahmedabad Mgnt. Association)
* Summary of the case:
* This case is presented to highlight the complex and dynamic relationship between an international assignment and the selection of a qualified expatriate manager for that assignment. * The changing nature of the job – from a Plant Manager of a wholly owned subsidiary to a Quality Compliance Officer in a ten year joint venture – combines with a cast of three interesting and yet very different potential assignees to show how potentially complex such global selection decisions can be. * The importance of personal and the ambiguity and unexpected timing of these critical HR decisions are also dealt with in this case. * One of the issues in the case is the tradeoff between the specifics of a focal job description and the availability of candidates for the assignment.

* Things to Consider:
* Write (think up) a job description for the “Quality Compliance Officer” and then look at how that job description relates to each of the three candidates. * A more sophisticated approach might be to step back and consider the best of the three candidates overall and then revise the job description to that candidate’s strengths and provide outside help from other managers on site in Hungary or in the region in order to insure that critical activities outside of the selected candidate’s background.

* Important Factors:
* The three candidates represent a balance of strengths and weaknesses. * Marie represents organizational and technical process abilities. * Janos represents local cultural understanding and some local product knowledge. * Sinead represents global product knowledge and organizational process abilities in the area of joint ventures. * By weighting which of these abilities is most crucial to the success of this assignment, one can determine the optimal if not perfect expatriate/local for the job. * Your sense of Sinead’s ability to negotiate the problems inherent with dual career couples is critical in your choice process. She has both the greatest strengths and the greatest weaknesses. Selecting Sinead is a riskier choice. * Marie is less risky, but she lacks specific joint venture skills. * Janos may be the most risky choice, given his short time frame with Trianon and a potential to side with local managers in joint venture processes. If Janos is able to balance his perspective, his contacts could provide Trianon with significant advantages in the long term.

We would follow the selection criteria which are given as under: * Technical ability
* Cross cultural suitability
* Family requirements
* Country cultural requirements
* Company’s requirements
* Language
* The use of selection tests


HR should be involved in strategic decisions relating to international business operations such as finalizing a joint venture agreement.

For examine the candidates following types of hurdles which can be used to test them: (Test and solutions)
Work sample tests
These come in a variety of forms, but are characterized by asking candidates to perform a typical piece of work that they would encounter in the job.  These are often based on real examples, but may be shortened or simplified, and are usually timed.  Examples of this might be drafting a letter or memo, producing a spreadsheet or writing a response to an e-mail, having been given a few basic facts and figures to interpret. These sorts of tests are usually fairly short, and you won’t be able to prepare for them, although it is good practice for you to be told in advance that you will be doing a test either before or after your interview.  They test a range of competencies, from basic...
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