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International Human Resource Management

HRM Introduction
Human Resource management represents a fusion of personal management and industrial relations that is managerially focused and derives from a managerial agenda. It is a resource based conception of the employment relationship, some elements of which incorporate a development role for the individual employee and some elements of profit. It is an approach to organizations most important and value assets - People working there and the clients who indirectly plays a role in the development of the company. It may from inside the business or outside the business. If we talk about Globalization and Human Resource comes under International Human Resource management. The major function of IHRM is management of human resource in global corporations including issues of expulsion and re-pay, implementing corporate global strategy by adapting appropriate human resources management practices in national economic and cultural environment. IHRM besides dealing with human resource it also must deal with emotional intelligence in the international environment.

Taking an example of Multinational Company Mc Donald’s a Food Giant in UK is an American owned company with their franchisee in different part of world. Relating the fact against theory, an IHRM manager would need to take into account while managing the employees while crossing the cultural, national, functional and business unit of lines. It is very important to study and understand the theory how IHRM manager handles the diverse cultural work force under different working conditions, in different part of world and especially in UK. Mc Donald is expanded across the world, IHRM plays a very important role in the company profile, critically questioning the working of IHRM, and we will discuss major problems being faced by the employees, customers and management.

IHRM was set up on the idea that employees are not machines, therefore there needs to be an interdisciplinary examination of employees in the workplace, this also involve emotional intelligence skills among the HR Managers, to understand employee’s feeling, how they feel, are they satisfied in the working environment. Globally it is seen that people from different culture from around the corners of the world are working in the same environment which is internationally looked upon. The aim is to help a company to meet strategic goal by attracting and to manage the employee and getting them work effectively, this leads to lowering the retention level of the company. Working environment, cultural effect, ethics, customs, language, humanity etc all are the key dimensions of IHRM. Ethical behavior, behaving ethically is an integral part in the long term career success, from a management perspective and also understanding the employee not taking him as a machine rather considering him as a human being is also a basic part of being a successful long term career in IHRM.

In Western countries employees are generally treated as objects. In the western culture business, money and profit is everything they understand, and human is a machine or working tool for them that create business to them, that gives them profit. The spread of Western management theory and its practice around the world has been seen in the East as inappropriate, as in the interests of economic success and prosperity. It has also affected the ability of people to be fully human.

Comparing Working Environment in Western Culture and Home Culture (Indian Working Environment) Western Culture and hard facts
The work culture and their business strategies are entirely different comparing Western countries with the other countries especially India. The recruitment process in the western culture has been strictly on the basis of specified qualification, as you read the job descriptions it clearly depict that certain kind of jobs requires certain specific qualifications and is able to comply...
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